Welcome to Pisos Panama where we offer the sale, instalation of residential and comercial carpeting, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, & blinds- all from the comfort of your home. Read about our in-home appointment services.

Our Carpets and Wood Flooring


While not as used as widely as wood flooring, carpeting has a unique niche in those who wants certain rooms with a certain touch of softness that only a plush carpet can provide. There is a wide variety of carpeting from residential whose fibers are irregular, thick and soft to comercial carpeting that is often tightly woven and made out of less absorbant synthetic fibers that allow for its use in more heavily trafficked areas. Beyond simply its composition, however, carpeting varies by the material used be it wool, cotton, to natural fibers all the way to synthetics which each have their own advantages and caracteristics. When buying a carpet you must also consider the color dye of the carpet as well as the texture, both for its aesthetic value and how it behaves in revealing when it gets dirty.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a timeless part of decoration, with most historic buildings in Panama were built with this type of elegant and warm type of flooring. Luckily, for consumers, manufacturing process has only improved with the passage of time. Wood flooring is made to be installed over an existing floor, usually an underlay which has to be as level as possible. Wood flooring while more delicate than laminate, are perfect for any home or office setting. The most popular flooring today is made out of oak due to its rich texture and durability. However, as mentioned prior, new technologies in the finishing process has allowed for the creature of durable and impressive textures and designs. Feel comfortable knowing that we work with European, American and Asian manufacturers, something that allows us to fit into any budget or quality need.

Laminate (Faux Wood) Flooring

Laminate, or faux wood, flooring took the flooring market by storm upon its inception for clients who wanted a durable, economic product that behaved like wood. Initial iterations were barely imitations but the technology of laminate flooring has advanced to the point where it may take a trained eye to notice the difference. The laminate product allows for the consumer to have a wood-like product at a comfortable price, with durability and more resistant finishes, something highly sought after in rustic Panamanian locales.

Upon its many advantages, laminate product has also allowed for easier installation with less requirement of glues and adhesives. This is thanks to a “clic” technology instalation that modern laminates are now coming with. Laminate also has the advantage of “floating” over the flooring below over an underlayment, allowing for easier instalations over surfaces that aren’t as level and harder to install hardwood flooring on.



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Direct Flooring Pricing

Direct Flooring Pricing

By selling direct you pay less. Direct from the distributor to your home or office, the overhead we save, you save.
3 Day Install

3 Day Install

We offer installation of your hardwood flooring, laminate of carpeting in 3 days or less. Yes we can!
Trust Our Experience

Trust Our Experience

With more than four decades installing flooring in Panama, you are assured that the result will be done professionally.

Pisos Panama

Pisos Panama is leading the way in online sale of hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, rugs and carpets as well as blinds with distributor-direct pricing.

With in-home appointments we can help you decorate your environment with beautiful floor surfaces of fine woods and beautiful laminates, carpets of natural and synthetic fibres as well as blinds of every kind, all without having to leave your home.

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